Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Express yourself through your art!

     While enjoying a ladies brunch earlier this month at our church, I made several new friends.  What a joy!  As is typical of women, we shared our passions.  Some spoke of their grandchildren, some of their hobbies, some of their educational pursuits.  Adrianna, the young woman seated next to me, said she was majoring in Art Therapy.  "Therapy!  Art therapy!?  I wholeheartedly agree!" I said, wide-eyed.  She gave me a quizzical gaze and chuckled, "Why is that?!"  I answered with something like, "All women possess creativity, but express it in different ways.  Some create a gourmet meal, some are natural-born interior designers, some put outfits together that suit their figure and coloring.  But we all need to create.  That is the common denominator."  Her next words were poetry and heart-stopping profound.  She said,

 "The reason is:  you can't always express everything you want to say with words."

     So, I submit to you that quilting is one way of expressing things that are difficult to say, such as the love you have for someone.  Haven't we thought of loved ones as we've spent countless hours (and undisclosed funds) creating something for them?  
     In addition to expressing our love, quilting can also be therapy, as we use our positive, creative energies to make something that's never been made before with our own hands. We experience a magic as we transfer something intangible and inexpressible to something tangible and beautiful.  Our grief, concerns, pain and loneliness become channeled into joy because we have created something worthwhile - which then enables us to feel of value.
     A resolution for the New Year could be to recognize your incredible potential for expressing who you are through your God-given talents and use them to bless others!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

'Quilt Gallery' & 'Pantographs' tabs now updated!

My Quilt Gallery now contains personal and customer quilts for your perusal.  This collection will be added to in the future, so come and browse the gallery often.  Perhaps your quilt will be featured (anonymously, of course)!

Click on the Pantographs tab, where you can now browse my entire, alphabetized Pantograph Collection of over 100 pantos from the comfort of your home!

For your convenience, there are two main collections: simple (less dense/less expensive) and complex (more dense/more expensive).  Perhaps in the future I'll separate these two collections into their own tabs.  Until then, try to remember not to get overwhelmed!  If you'd rather look at my panto catalog that has all my patterns tabbed into themes (leaves, meandering, juvenile, etc.) go to my Contact Me tab, email/call me and we'll get together either in my studio or at your favorite quilt shop.