Monday, January 27, 2014

A Country Sampler of Quilting Technique

The perfect sampler 
to demonstrate
 the "new style of quilting" at 
Ponderosa Patchworks!

There's been a merging of hand-guided and computerized stitching at Ponderosa Patchworks.  This adorable sampler is a great way to showcase it.  Because of its fine appliqué and open background (seen at right with the bird, vine, flowers and leaves) a hand-guided technique is required.
What is meant by a 'hand-guided technique'? Notice the stitching around each appliqué and in the background  - it's no different than what I've done with my Gammill Classic Plus before retrofitting with the Statler-Stitcher.  But getting there is different.  Now, I 'drop the belts' and stitch in regulated mode. 
Why stitch hand-guided when you have a computerized machine?  For one thing, it's the most accurate technique in this given setting.  Bottom line: I crave hand-guided quilting. It's what I call driving with the top down on a '57 Chevy convertible. Sweeet. 

Some computerized block and row treatments. Quilting using the computer still takes time, but now the design is done on the computer screen instead of directly on the fabric. Fascinating.

Quilting never felt so good!