Friday, October 27, 2017

The Comfort and Simplicity of Homespuns

I love homespuns!

In my humble opinion, homespuns are the best fabric to use on anything that has a country or folk art flavor. Take a look at this sweet wall quilt. My client wanted very simple quilting done, so I began with an appliqué stitch around the motifs without fancy fill. The motifs were large enough within blocks to handle that. Here I'm digitizing a p2p (point to point) straight line stitch. It's so fun to watch the machine stitch! 
As one row is finished... click the coordinates once again for the next line to be quilted and it takes off...
...and finishes the set. Perfect.
The p2p lines are completed on this quilt! Now to quilt the acorn & leaf border. But before I reveal the results of that, you'll notice a small flag quilt next to the one I'm quilting. When there is ample backing, I load more than one quilt at a time. It saves time and money since, well, time IS money. And the result is a happy client :). 
The results of the flag quilt, front...
...and back. The client provided the label, hanging sleeve and binding for me to attach after quilting. Too sweet.
And the other quilt? The acorn & leaf border has been quilted, and the label and binding are finished. Too sweet times two. 

I shipped her finished project back to her in the same bag and box she used to get them to my studio, shown here with yet another of her projects I finished. Her method is an example of how quilts should be mailed: in plastic and with great care. She even sent them vacuum-packed! 

It was so much fun finishing these great quilts, mostly due to their country charm, but also because of how well they were sewn. The biggest reason? 

I love homespuns!