Saturday, September 9, 2017


When traveling through the country, I'm always on the search for old barns.  They capture the essence of family life from decades gone by.

I searched for just the right barn for my post today as backdrop for two quilts; a star-spangled Americana and a sweet Farmgirl Vintage quilt.

Who can resist the country colors in this great Americana quilt?
Let's get some detail on the many blocks...

 On hand to 'help' is the barnyard cat. She wanted to help several times. No kitty!

 The quilting style I chose was full-blown Americana with stars, stripes, chevrons and a bit of country thrown in, of course. I mixed digital and hand-guided techniques.

My client said this was one of the first quilts she'd attempted to make ten years ago, because it taught her all kinds of techniques. I'd say so! And I'm also glad she finally got it quilted so she can enjoy it.

The Farmgirl Vintage quilt is right at home in these pictures. It's so bright, cheery and full of blocks depicting farm life. You can't help but smile looking at it. The same client pieced/appliqu├ęd both of these charmers, and I'm glad she didn't wait 10 years to have this one quilted up!

It seems I've attracted quite a crowd with all the photography fuss. Their kind is represented, actually, on this quilt...

Isn't it great?!

Let's take a look at a few more...

I just canned some wild blackberry jelly last weekend!  It's so wonderful to have it lined all up, just like in this quilt block. The sweet flavors will extend summer through many a bleak, cold winter day.

An old red barn! How did this quilt know it would be photographed next to a real one?

My thanks to the family who allowed me access to their property. They train sheepdogs with these sheep and lambs. They chuckled when I asked if I could take pictures of quilts next to their barn because they'd never been asked that question before. 

We all have a soft heart when it comes to what these old barns represent: family life, working together to make it work, enjoying the fruits of hard labor, bountiful blessings, being grateful for the simple things. Here's to keeping it that way for decades to come, even if you don't have a barn.