Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A new blog look, a new location!

We've finally moved into and established our new home in a new state, and created a new studio, business name and cards.  And with a couple of new, local customers - and a couple of 'old', loyal ones - I'm feeling regenerated, reenergized and grateful.

Other than these changes, what else is new?  After retrofitting my Gammill Classic Plus to a computer-guided machine a few months ago, I have redefined my services.  I'm offering computer-guided machine quilting as well as free-motion quilting.  Why?  Short answer: because I can.  The long answer is because I am trained at both: 7 years hand-guided, free-motion and 1 year computer-generated.  My Statler colleagues wonder why I haven't totally converted to their way of thinking.  Short answer: I'm an independent thinker.  Long answer is because my passion is quilting design from the heart and not from the computer screen. Oh, don't get me wrong. I appreciate the fact that computer design has to come from somewhere.  But I pass the 'middle man' and go direct from heart to textile.  I'm thrilled at being able to offer all kinds of choices to my customers, though.  It is, after all, their choice.

What remains the same?  I hope you'll agree that the personalized service, professionalism and quality continue.  

Some things never change.