Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Northwest Quilting Expo 2015

My first visit to the NW Quilting Expo was experienced as a vendor.  What a great venue!  I spent three solid days meeting so many quilters. 'Kindred spirits', I call them; sisters in quilting who don't start yawning when you're still talking quilt jargon after 10 minutes. One such quilter came to my booth with a photo journal of her quilts that included a picture of fortunate recipients with each quilt, even quilt tops with the intention of going to someone when the project was lovingly completed. 
Getting to know people and why they do the things they do is the part of my quilting business I love most.  
I was so busy at my booth I only had 45 minutes to visit the actual show!  My booth neighbor from Patchwork Acres kindly watched my things so I could browse through some 600 quilts that competed for ribbons, including two of mine (pictured later in this post).  More about Patchwork Acres: if you want to come near the Oregon coast for a quilting/fiber art retreat look no further! Check it out at  
My last post went into great detail on how I quilted my raffle quilt, a vintage '30s tea cloth. It received so much attention, and many tickets were sold!  

As promised, I've included a photo shoot of the completed quilt...

Out in the sun at home.
The center medallion.
A shot of freehand feathers in a corner.
The medallion, zoomed in.
Blowing gently in the fall breeze.
The hanging sleeve, before I sewed it down!  (It's sewn on now :).  As I had mentioned in my last post, a damaged vintage summer coverlet was repurposed just for this quilt.  It provided a showy sleeve and 2 1/2" wide strips for binding.
I just love the embroidery on this piece.  Classic '30s.  It received the attention it deserved: a freehand appliqué quilting technique to include micro-stippling for dramatic contrast.

And my two entries?  If you've been to this show in the past, you know the entries are masterpieces.  Mine are not. Please keep that in mind as I show you mine!

The first is "Hibiscus on the Lanai".  Do you recognize it from earlier posts?!?!
The second is "Autumn Splendor".  Of course, this one is currently hanging in my home because it's, well, autumn.

For those of you who signed up at the show to receive these posts via your email, welcome!  If you are also a raffle ticket purchaser, thank you!  Hopefully you will be the recipient of this 0ne-of-a-kind quilt. 

Until then, I hope to talk to you later!