Quilting Services

I pay very close attention to detail and treat your project as if it were my own, whether it's a show quilt or for a family member.  There's a method to precise professional longarm quilting that will turn the head;  a lovely drape to the finished quilt or a balance in texture, design and thread tension, to name a few.  This takes experience, time and consistency to deliver.  With all this, I still offer discounts (see my "Discounts" tab for more information)!
Five Quilting Services

1.  Edge-to-Edge ranges:
Loose:       (.015-.022/square inch)
Moderate:  (.22 - .025/square inch)
Dense:       (.025 - .035/square inch)
2.  *Custom border with a border-to-border fill ranges:
Loose:       (.035/square inch)
Moderate: (.035 - .0375/square inch)
Dense:      (.0375 - .04/square inch)
3.  *Semi Custom each block quilted with a specific pattern at .035 - .045/sq. inch.
4.  *Custom at .045 - .055/square inch.
5.  *Heirloom at .055 and up/square inch.

Three Binding Services

I have three separate charges to bind your quilt:
1.  For “Binding Prep”, I make your binding strips. You would provide 1 yard of fabric and indicate binding width.  If not indicated a 2 ¼” binding will be cut on the straight grain, sewn into a strip and French-fold pressed.  This may be the only binding service you choose.  It's up to you.
2.  “Attach to Front” - If you just want me to attach your binding to one side of the quilt, you could provide the binding strips and bring them with the quilt top. Be prepared to tell me if you want the strips sewn to the back or to the front.  Or, you could select the first two services and attach your binding to the back at home.
3. “Attach to Back” –  Note:  utility (or everyday) quilts usually have the binding sewn to the back of the quilt first, then the front by machine. A more custom application is machine sewing the binding to the front and hand-stitching it to the back.  This second technique is done on quilts that receive no or very little cleaning. The choice between the two may sound confusing, but really, it just takes a bit of planning on how YOU want your quilt finished.  I can recommend a technique, but in the end, the decision is up to you.

Binding Services
Machine Attach to
Hand Sew
of Quilt
front or back
to Back
Per inch

.04               .08

Scalloped bias binding: .15 to prepare; .12 to attach to front and .30 to sew to back by hand.


The choice is yours to either choose your thread and thread color, or to opt for me to choose a thread and thread color that best complements your quilt.  Either way, the choice is yours!

Thread Charges
Spool size
OMNI variegated
   ---      ---Coming soon!
King Tut
2,000 yd.
6,000 yd.
Hobbs Batting is 80% cotton, 20% polyester.
Batting Charges (Hobbs 80/20)
Per yard
Per sq. in.

Estimates are provided at consult by the square inch.  *Final pricing for custom and heirloom quilting depends on hours required for project.  Possible unforeseen charges beyond what was estimated include but are not limited to popped seams, scalloped edges, piecing bobbles, a quilt top/backing that is not square, etc.  See my "Quilt Prep" page to ensure a smoother quilting process.
Quilts are worked on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Rush orders subject to approval.
No charge on patterns owned by me.  However, I'm happy to order a pattern for you, and we'll split the charge.
There is a $50 minimum charge for edge-to-edge and $100 for custom and heirloom.
Subject to Utah State tax.
50% down – the balance is required upon completion.
Prices effective September 9, 2016 and subject to change without notice;
customers will be charged the price in effect when the quilt was delivered for service.

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