Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2018 Clark County Quilters Show

This year I entered four quilts in my guild's quilt show.  Three of them I made specifically for the show, but not necessarily for the theme, which was "Once in a Blue Moon".  I've featured all of these quilts on my blog earlier, so I won't go into great detail on the quilting of each.
Makai (a Hawaiian word meaning "toward the sea") was featured in my July 2013 blog post.  It juried in the 2009 Fine Woodworking and Quilts Show in Colorado Springs, but at a hulking 101" square, it was too large to hang in their venue.  In the 2018 CCQ Show, the placard stated "Both the batiks and freestyle fern quilting techniques effectively portray the sea and sand of Kauai, a place my husband and I love.  I wanted a sense of earth, sea and sky, certainly what you see, smell  and feel in Hawaii."  It received a Vendor's Choice Award.

Next, I pose in between my Antique Yellow and White Pinwheel and my Batik Color Theory Sampler.
The Pinwheel (to my left), featured in my June 2017 post, was described on the CCQ Show placard: "I love to go antiquing and find '30s vintage quilt tops like these! It waited a long time to be quilted, which I did in 'over-the-top' feathers on my longarm quilting machine, freeform hand-guided. The label is a vintage doily - a fitting finishing touch."  No ribbon, but to tell the truth, I was thrilled to get ribbons at all.  I just enjoy seeing my quilts hang in a show!
The Sampler (to my right) was in my post December 2017, and described as follows: "Working out of the box of two and three-color quilts, I selected fabric using a color wheel vs. personal preference.  I actually cringed when quilting the first row, but quickly embraced the vibrancy. To calm sensory sensitivity, I framed it throughout in midnight blue. It was a great study!" It received a Sponsor Ribbon, as shown in the next photo.

Batik Color Theory Sampler
Northwoods Star Crossing
My Northwoods Star Crossing, as seen recently in my February 2018 blog post, placed in the Show at third in the Pieced Intermediate Category: "The pattern for this quilt was inspired by a small fragment of an antique quilt. As I finished the binding with our granddaughter watching, I asked her to help name it, which she did. I pieced and longarm-quilted this bed-sized quilt in both hand-guided and computer-assisted techniques."

"Hip-hip-hooray" to Clark County Quilt Guild for putting on the best show I've seen by a guild. That assessment comes not only from me, but from many, many others. It was reported last Thursday night at our monthly meeting that while the show was running, a woman and her husband were on the highway traveling from Wyoming. As they passed the marquee that advertised our show, she hit the brakes and took the exit off the highway straight to the show venue. Needless to say, her husband is a very patient, wise man.  Moral: if you're itching to visit your local guild show, get on the internet first!  It's safer ...